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The problem with the traditional way of learning the piano

So what is the problem with the traditional learning path?

First, it has been developed to train elite pianists to become concertists, playing classical music in theatres. It can certainly work for that purpose, but only if it is what you aim for!

What if you want to play other music genres?

Play with a band? Entertain your family during holidays with Christmas songs?

Have fun with friends singing pop songs?

Or even create your own songs!

It won’t work.

You won’t be able to do any of these. You will be stuck in a box and panicking if you don’t have a music sheet in front of you.

After several years, you won’t even know how to play a simple song with 4 chords.

Not talking about improvising.

That’s a big problem.

When I see people with this education not being able to improvise even a few notes, it makes me sad.

I don’t even know if I should call them musicians, even if their technical skills can be much better than mine.

But you can play any music you want and I will be able to play something along with it. 

Maybe not a masterpiece, far from that. But I know that I can share a good moment with other musicians, feel the music, have fun and entertain listeners.

I am not saying that to brag but to show you that there is another way. Much more enjoyable and faster. A path to transform you into a musician in a matter of weeks, not years.

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